Technical Audit Group

We have a long history of tackling 3rd party technical audit works. The major project which was executed by us as Consultants was Maharashtra Emergency Earthquake Rehabilitation Project (MEERP) under World Bank, where we covered all facilities including housing, roads, bridges, water supply etc. The project was in the tune of Rs. 900 Crores.

The activities of this division are of three types as under:

  • Review design and specifications and to suggest more cost effective or user friendly solutions.
  • Review and suggest improvements to site controls and documentation to reduce misappropriation and wastage.
  • Review of the project during pre-construction stage.  This is primarily review and monitor the preparatory activities that to into a project prior to beginning actual procurement and construction.  This shall include – review of project design documentation, review of bid documentation and bid process, review of site preparation and clearances to begin construction and review of project management mechanisms.
  • Report on Physical progress of the project.
  • Report on quality assurance and project quality.
  • Report on the Commercial performance and financial progress of the project
  • Commissioning, trial run and testing stage.
  • Report on overall performance of the asset created (project) with respect to capacity, functionality, usage and performance of the O&M team.