Marine / Water Bodies

Consultancy Services For Maintenance Of Marine Assets At Naval Dockyard, Mumbai For Dgnp

SCPL in Joint Venture with M/s. Rites Ltd., carried out the inspection of all the marine structures existing in the Naval Dock Yard.

The study included –

  • Detailed Inspection.
  • Remedial measures for rehabilitation of structures.
  • Preparation of Inspection itinerary / program.
  • Preparation of all the inspection testing program and their methodology along with their frequency. Evaluation of all the utilities and suggestion of remedial / replacement schedule with block estimates for total refurbishing of the installations.
  • Total refurbishing of the structures / utilities / machinery for up gradation purpose and prepare proper maintaining procedures of these refurbished structures.

Consultancy Services For Berthing Of Gorshov At South Break Water Jetty At Naval Dockyard, Mumbai For Dgnp

  • Naval Dockyard intends to carry out feasibility study of the South Break Water Structure for envelope of various loading parameters. The present structure is gravity type cellular caissons 24 in numbers. These caissons are resting on the rubble mound having foundations of rubble mound with in base resting on firmer strata at a depth ranging from 7 m to 12 m. Certain details of mound pertaining to its construction, exact depth of its foundation, preparation of bed at the foundation level and reinforcement details of the cellular caissons are not available. Since the structure is in existence for 31 years, the environmental loads such as current, waves, hydrostatic pressures etc. remain unchanged, only additional forces imparted to the SBW structure arise from impact loads during berthing of the much larger proposed vessel and loading on bollards arising out of wind action on the vessel. Therefore, our endeavour has been to compute these additional forces with due consideration of factor of safety against overturning, sliding, maximum bearing pressure on the caissons and maximum bearing pressure on the top of rubble mound. Indian Navy is in to he process of inducting Air Craft Carrier Gorshov in their fleet. The assignment consist of 􀂃 Carrying out the feasibility study of docking of the shop. The feasibility study consisted of data collection.
  • Studying of existing data, reports etc.
  • Carry out analysis and check the adequacy of the existing structure for various envolopes of environmental loading and prepare the guidelines / parameters under which the ship could be berthed at the intended location.


Consultancy Services For The Feasibility Study Of Providing Additional Fenders On Service Platform Of Gcptcl Jetty At Gcptcl Site At Dahej For Gujarat Chemical Port Terminal Company Ltd.

M/s. GCPTCL have constructed a jetty at Dahej. Due to increased traffic and demand, higher DWT vessels are required to be berthed at the location for which original structure has not been designed for. The assignment involved analyzing the existing structure for the desired loading condition and suggest the most optimum and workable strengthening scheme.

Consultancy Services For Special Repairs To Cg Dock At Naval Dockyard, Mumbai For Dgnp

Cruiser Graving Dock (“CG Dock”) is one of the 3 dry docks in Naval Dockyard, Mumbai. One of the tasks to be carried out by us was to identify source of leakages, seepages and special repairs.

Consultancy Services For Reclamation Of 17 Acres Of Land At Karwar Port Trust For Ministry Of Defence

Karwar Port is an intermediate port under the Government of Karnataka. It is administered by Karnataka Martime Board. The port adjoins the Indian Navy’s project Sea Bird. The are between rear side of proposed Berth and shoreline along NH 17 is required to be reclaimed. The approximate area of the said reclamation is abut 17 acres. For this purpose `L’ shaped retaining rubble bund of length totally about 560 m. is proposed to be constructed.

Our basic scope of work are as follows–

  • To assess the extent and geometry of the land to be reclaimed with reference to the proposed Wharf of Port Trust, Karwar.
  • Design economical cross section of the earth retaining bunds as per the depth of the sea at that particular location.
  • Assess requirement of earth retaining bunds with reference to the proposed Wharf.
  • Assess the economy and functional suitability of the dredged material for filling up the proposed reclaimed land vis‐à‐vis carted earth from the nearby areas.
  • Prepare the detailed cost estimate and drawings for the entire project.

Consultancy On Berthing Of Vikramaditya At Karwar Naval Harbour

Naval Ship Repair Yard Karwar assigned us to feasibility study to be undertaken for berthing of Vikramaditya at Naval base Karwar. Our basic scope of work are as follows–
  • Gathering of all the necessary data required for design of jetty for berthing of Vikramaditya.
  • Study of the data.
  • Study the suitability of existing fixed fenders during berthing Vikramaditya during different loading/draft condition.
  • Arriving the following parameters for given displacement tonnage and drafts value.
  • The envelope of environment condition (approach velocity and inclination, tidal/current/wind) under which vessel could be berthed along side of south jetty.
  • The period of the year during which vessel can be berthed along the south jetty.
  • Associate precaution to be observed whiles the vessel is berthed along the south jetty.
  • Checking the adequacy of the existing bollards.
  • Alteration / additions required on jetty face for positioning of berthing pontoons of Vikramaditya due to fouling of berthing pontoons with pile construction of jetty during low tide.

Consultancy Services For Creation Of Ship Building Facilities In Mazgaon Dock Ltd., Mumbai.

We in association with M/s. Haskoning India Pvt. Ltd., completed the consultancy for creation of ship building facilities in Mazgaon Dock Ltd. The approximate cost of the project is Rs. 150.00 Crores.