Practice Profile

SCPL places the highest value on teamwork and mutual respect among its’ employees and between SCPL and its’ Clients.  Our success is the result of working diligently as a team to do each job right as well as maintaining a long-terms perspective and integrity in the face of daily pressures.  The value of our services is derived from our commitment to produce consistently high-quality work within the constraints of the client’s schedule and budget.

We constantly adapt our skills to meet individual client needs and the opportunities of the marketplace.   Above all, at SCPL we get the job done.  We aspire to grow in stature and geographic reach to enhance our reputation as a stable, highly respected member of the professional services community in India.

Quality Policy

  • Our endeavor is to achieve total customer / client satisfaction in terms of accuracy, timeliness of project delivery.
  • Technical excellence through adherence to systems and procedures.
  • Continuous upgrading of skills through training.
  • Constructive interaction with client and contractors.
  • Dedicated team effort to enhance commitment of management to continual improvement of quality systems.