We have been awarded the Project Management Consultancy (PMC) firm for Preparation of Administrative Approval Proposals and Overall Project Management of the New and Existing Structures and Minor Irrigation Projects of Soil & Water Conservation Department of Government of Maharashtra.

The Soil & Water Conservation Department of government of Maharashtra was established post restructuring of Soil & Water Conservation Department, on 5th June 1992, with an objective of economic development of the rural region by leveraging natural water resources.  The Government of Maharashtra has embarked upon the mission to minimize the impact of the draught situation and has initiated Jal-Yukta shivar program. One of the key objectives of this novel program is to eliminate water scarcity and ensure full-time availability of the water for drinking & irrigation purposes. 

The Key Objectives of the assignment would be

  1. Undertake small and medium size irrigation projects with optimal land acquisition
  2. Increase underground water level
  3. Sludge blocking for large and medium size projects
  4. Reduce and stop soil erosion
  5. Development of de-centralized water reservoirs
  6. Supply of water for irrigation and non-irrigation use and recharge of underground water

The approximate project cost would be Rs. 1500 Crore to Rs. 2000 Crores.