Project Name: Amravati DPR

Client Name: Maharashtra PWD, Amravati Division

Consultancy services for Feasibility cum DPR, Survey and preparation of Land plan by adopting LiDAR or similar technology for Widening to two lane with Paved Shoulders to various road as per packages Under Hybrid Annuity (Length – 122.20 Km.). (A) Improvement to Amravati Mardi Kurha Kaundynapur Upto Dist. Border Road in Amravati Dist. Joining Kaundynpur Holy place to Amravati dist. HQ (SH 280, SH 300 & Sh 294 Length 43 Km) (B) Improvement to Amravati Bhatkuli Asara Road Joining Bhatkuli Taluka HQ tp Amravati Dist. HQ (SH 280, Length 29 KM). (C) Improvement to Amravati Chandur Railway Dhamngaon Road in Amravati Dist. Joining Chandur Railway & Dhamangaon Taluka HQ to Amravati Dist. HQ (SH 297 & 296 Length 50.20)