The Top Construction News Sites and Blogs

Update: 5/18/16: The construction industry has exploded with new blogs in the past year, leading to an update on this post. There are now 20 top construction news sites and blogs instead of the original 17.

Those who think the construction industry is stagnant haven’t been watching very closely. The industry is filled with drama—from 3D printing changing the way China builds houses to the battle for the best construction management software, construction as a whole is an exciting industry to be in.

With so many changes coming to the industry so quickly, it’s important for everyone involved in the construction industry to stay up on the latest trends.

Luckily, there are a surprising number of resources dedicated to keeping you informed.

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These are the best.

AEC Business

Run by one-man army Aarni Heiskanen, this blog is a great resource for construction business owners looking to up their game with strategic insights. Filled with useful how-tos and a simple writing style, this blog is a must-read for construction managers wanting to stay “in the know.”