The Repairs Division is the latest operational division of the Company.  Established in mid nineties, it is designed to meet the repair and rehabilitation needs of the aging buildings of Mumbai.  These buildings are affected by the corrosive atmosphere of Mumbai and occasionally by the reckless tampering by interior decorators.  They exhibit various signs structural damage like cracks and leakages and need immediate repairs.  This division is guided by our Chairman, Shri N.N. Shrikhande and has carried out effective repairs of a number of buildings like Central Bank of India’s Main Office Building, Jaslok Hospital and Research Centre and a number of multi-storied residential buildings.

The Repairs Division consists of a Repair Management Cell at Head Office and a number of site supervisors.  The Repairs Management Cell carries out inspection of the distressed building, suggests repair solution and prepare tenders.  It also carries out periodic inspection of works.  Full time supervision of repairs is carried out by the site supervisors when required by the Client

The services provided by the Repairs Division is as under :

  1. Condition Survey
  2. Preparation of Repair Solutions
  3. Preparation, issue, evaluation of tenders and assistance in finalizing contracts.
  4. Supervision of repairs.